Workplace by Facebook Safe or Unsafe?

Yes the Title is dead on right!! Facebook in the workplace you say? Workplace by Facebook has been around for some time now. It was first launched January 14, 2015 in beta mode.  One of the first customers was Royal Bank of Scotland.  (WOW)

As the story is written on Wikipedia Facebook has been using a form of the Workplace platform since 2011. Since then it has been officially launch on October 2016, there is said to be around 30,000 or so companies that use or are testing the platform, Facebook listed Walmart, Black & Decker and some other giants among its early adopters.

So my main reason in posting this in my blog is to bring some light upon the platform. As you may know there are two levels of the Workplace Platform, The first is Workplace Standard and the cost is free (maybe) and the second is Premium, cost is $3.00 per Active user. So 3000 employees would be a cost of $9,000 not bad compared to other offsite hosting platforms Or CMS.

There is some major features between the two of them, will not list them all here but instead give you a link for Pricing.

My one major concern with this and maybe all hosted platforms is what information they collect and share and you might feel the same, due to all the issues Facebook has been having about data collection and the sharing or selling of Others data.  Should we really trust the most secure information of our companies’ projects or having access to whom works for said company? Not to mention meeting notes.

I was looking at a feed on Facebook today, I saw an ad for the Workplace platform , and so I looked at a few comments as follows:

“Excellent. They should call the platform “let Facebook steal and patent your business

“Facebook stay in your own lane”

I think two was enough, but I saw hundreds of comments and not nice ones. I will mention this in Facebook’s defense (not that I 100% Believe it) But some may. They Claim your Information is yours.

Workplace holds the following compliance certificates:

  • ISO 27018 – Information Security Management
  • ISO 27001 – Information Security Management
  • SOC 2 – Trust Services Principles
  • SOC 3 – Service Organization Controls
  • EU/US Privacy Shield Data Privacy Practices

For Workplace Standard:

If you’re using Workplace Standard, Facebook is the data controller but employees own the content they post and share, and Facebook’s community standards apply.

For Workplace Premium:

For Workplace Premium, there’s a community admin that manages the community and the company owns and controls the data. The community admin can modify, delete or export your data at any time.

This is not the full Privacy policy it would be located here: FB_Work_Privacy.

All I am saying is be careful with any company information that you may share, and for the employees be careful of your posting (Should never have to bring that up) but sometimes not everyone understands this concept and will post about anything. I will be trying the Workplace platform out over the next few weeks and will post any security or data sharing information I find.  Until then some links below about Facebook Data Privacy issues and a few photos of the platform. Also please leave comments have you used Workplace at your company? Or just let us know your thoughts.

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