Security threats of another kind, Yourself!

Threats, come in all shapes and forms. When a lot of us think of online threats today we just associate that with hackers, spammers and such. This is where most of the population is very much mistaken.  

The most common network security threats

Computer virus

2. Rogue security software

3. Trojan horse

4. Adware and spyware

5. Computer worm

6. DOS and DDOS attack

7. Phishing

8. Rootkit

9. SQL Injection attack

10. Man-in-the-middle attacks

These are what we think as online threats from a security point but there are other threats that lurk upon us on the internet. Let’s take a look at a few.

  1. Making and posting fake or real sexual images of the victim or their loved ones.
  2. Tracking their victims’ every movement by placing a GPS device on their car.
  3. Threatening the victim or their friends and family via emails.
  4. Uploading personal information such as name, address, social security number or phone number on the Internet.
  5. Hacking and saving emails, text messages and social media posts and using them to harass or blackmail a victim.
  6. Hacking into the victim’s social media account to post offensive material and comments.
  7. Releasing personal or fake information to discredit a victim at his/her office.
  8. Using the victim’s social media account or email to stalk and contact others.
  9. Creating malicious websites, fake social media profiles and blogs about a victim.

As you can see there are a lot of security issues and also personal safety issues as well. Sometimes, online security is not about just fraud it is becoming so commonplace for other security issues, Such as one taking on the identity as another, and this my friends can happen to anyone one of us even if you are an expert in the Security arena.

More and more of our daily lives are being uploaded online, some with our knowledge and some without. Today we carry around a ton of electronics that track every moment of our lives.  Cell phones, watches, activity bands are just to name a few and also your modern day car with GPS, Wi-Fi, dash cams. Then in your home is just as bad if you adopt any of these listed: Amazon Alexa, Google Home smart things such as plugs and appliances. These all save and share your data daily. You might think yes I know, but do you really?

If all this information falls into the wrong hands you might be surprised at how others can become you. Just for your safety when you buy a new smart product or install that new game on your phone. Look and see what information you are giving away. Ok, I am jumping down from my soap box before I go I would like to share some good youtube videos on security and what might be putting out there. See you on the flip side or if you’re not careful. I might find your information in the underworld (Just Joking).

Take the Time to watch these three, all have good information for the common user.

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